Hi! I have perpetual & cyclical hormonal acne around my mouth as a 35 year old healthy female. I’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun to treat my acne. Conventional treatments include long term use of birth control, accurate, spironolactone. I’m off all of these now as of Nov 2021 in effort to find more natural treatments. I also noticed these conventional treatments only work worked temporarily and I’m looking for long term, focusing on root cause treatments. This past year I sought out two functional medicine doctors, spent thousands on lab tests, hormone tests, stool test, food sensitivity tests, supplements (e.g. DIM, myomin, chaste berry, vitex, estrovera) and more & I am still feeling like I have made no progress. My skin continues to be unpredictable— cystic pimples pop up around my mouth at any moments notice. I try to track my breakouts on a menstrual cycle app but data is inconsistent. I’m a huge believer in a healthy diet & exercise, skin care, & meditation, but despite all of the above I’m still struggling with acne in my mid 30s and it’s taken an emotional/mental toll. Does anyone relate? Is there something I have yet to try that could help? Thanks for reading this!


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  • Megalishass


    I relate. I believe emotional trauma can begin to affect us physically if not healed and have come to the conclusion that’s the source of my sudden acne, It’s all connected. A good place to start if this resonates would be “how to do the work” by dr. Nicole LePera

  • Hana


    Hey there.. I can totally relate to this. I am 30 and have tried all of the natural remedies, including functional medicine, gut testing, nutrition. DIM, reducing cardio (for cortisol production) the cystic acne is also unpredictable and i finally broke down and I am on my first round of doxycycline. I, too agree that there is an emotional component but not sure how to heal that. I have had these issues on and off for about 7 years and I am almost at my breaking point.

  • Cocofish


    Same, i’ve tried regimented skin care routines, topicals like tretinoin & tazarotene, orals like doxycycline & spironolactone, and birth control but still get breakouts around my mouth too. I’ve gotten good at managing breakouts but prevention seems like the holy grail and I’m already in my 30s so definitely did not think i would still be dealing with this 😑

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