I feel so lonely, I can't sleep because of how depressed I feel, I feel depressed because the only woman I've ever loved gave me up after 4 years and displacing my whole life for her. It won't leave my head alone, it's a self repeating cycle. I sit here in bed, unable to sleep, so I think, my thinking makes me feel like garbage, and my mood plummets, so I can't sleep without a clear head. Its a hellacious self repeating cycle.


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  • Ryan11


    I went through this two years ago. It’s a journey to feel better and some days will be worse than others but it gets better. The key is to do things your joy and distract yourself. I found working out everyday to be the best thing for me and it made me much more confident and helped me sleep much better. But remeber it’s ok to cry and be sad as well but just stay the course. Time heals all

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