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I'm reading other people's post and most of them talk about depression and loneliness. Crying not sleeping, it's like you're writing my story. It's amazing. I think it has to do with the world as it is today. Because it's so out of don't even leave my house anymore. It's really crazy. I have nothing to look. Did want to say one time? I was on this site and someone asked about a micro bacterial infection. Well, come to find out after 2 years of treatment, my has not gone away and found out that it will never go away. So I have to have part of my lung taken out. I was on medication for 2 years. I'm spitting up blood constantly, so they have to cut half of my lung out. So anybody who has a microbacterial? Infection needs to talk to their doctor cause I was lied to it never goes away. So get your self-help as soon as possible. So you don't have to lose that much. God bless you all.

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The person sharing their story has been dealing with a micro bacterial infection in their lung for two years. Despite treatment, the infection has not gone away and they have been told it will never go away. As a result, they are now facing surgery to have part of their lung removed. They advise anyone with a similar infection to seek medical help as soon as possible.

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