I can't do it anymore. I did some very bad things (marriage related) because of my BPD. It's torn everything asunder and now my husband won't even tell me that he loves me unless I get treatment. This triggers me and I have been telling him that the BPD feeds on stuff like this and he says that he just can't love me anymore... I don't know what to do, I feel almost like committing "unliving" and I just can't anymore.

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    Seek out help from a therapist. I have been where you are. My wife pleaded with me for years to get help. When I finally hit rock bottom, I did. And I wish to God I had listened to her all those years ago. There is a light ahead, even if you can’t see it today. I’ve been in the dark, where you are now, and therapy can help you find that light. What you’re experiencing is the BPD. It may be painful and it may feel like it’s forever broken and that’s just the BPD splitting your thoughts into all or nothing. It’s not forever and it can get better. It’s worth it.

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