I'm recently diagnosed bipolar and medicated and I've been feeling terrible and crying every day for over the last 3 weeks. I was on lamictal and geodon for the first 2 weeks now I'm on lamictal and abilify for the last week. I'm not enjoying anything in life, hobbies, eating or even sleeping. I barely sleep 4 hours a night and I'm restless the whole night. my psychiatrist is giving me a sedative to try and help me calm down. I'm beginning not to trust him because of how much worse I'm getting by the day.


Bipolar Disorder

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  • Lisa2003


    Update: my psychiatrist prescribed klonopin and it's really helped me stop crying. He told me it should help me sleep but it so far hasn't had anywhere near that effect.

  • Cera


    For me Lamotragine helped me think clearer and helped with anxiety

  • Trustedbeginnings


    Curious why they took the Geodon away. That’s what I’m on?

  • Lisa2003


    I don't know if it was the geodon or the lamotrigine or the combo but I sobbed everyday from the day I started both together

  • Lisa2003


    My new psychiatrist has rediagnosed me as not bipolar and we're looking at other possibilities but I'm not bipolar

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