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I'm watching my binging get worse and worse and if I didn't know that it would make my teeth fall out or my throat bleed I would have started purging for the first time ever. I just read Janette McCurdy's book and you'd think that seeing how awful it is I wouldn't want my ed to get worse, but my mom and my grandma keep telling me I'm fat and I can't deal with it. I feel like they think I'm disgusting just because of how I look. I'm not even 200 pounds! so I partially am binging out of spite. fuck them, fuck their opinions. I'm still hot, I know that. but I know my physical and mental health should come first. ugh. I hate feeling out of control.


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  • AriJuda


    i swear I had binge eating disorder on my profile already but i guess not so depression it is

  • kelianne


    I know how you feel. My binging is already bad and my family is making it worse. I've tried to purge but i can never do it. I'm trying to pay attention to my food intake so im aware of it instead of ignoring it

  • SBelleC


    Something I found helped me a bit is to eat laying on my stomach. Only helps sometimes tho. You feel the pressure a lot sooner so you can try to get yourself to stop with more time before it actually causes pain. But let's be real, if any of you are like me we'll just sit up and keep eating 9/10 times lol.

  • AriJuda


    update to this, I have severe hypothyroidism

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