Doing this whole active recovery, momma and wife while having a scrambled egg brain and still trying to hold a job, have a healthy relationship with my only actual friend as well as my family is not so easy nor is it going well at this point 🥺😠😢

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Jennicoleruiz


    I know how you feel, like the world is against you and you don’t feel like you, it’s hard to talk to people, think and even get up, I’m going through the same thing, but we got this I believe in us

    • Gretta_the_fish


      One of my children reminded me that sometimes you have to melt 2 broken crayons to make 1 complete crayon. I assume she was telling me to make a positive from the seemingly negative by "melting my crayons to make one that I will love" 🫣 Are we crayons (lol) ? Thank you for your kind words new friend.

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