Im 20 and I struggle a lot with going to work. I started working when i was 17-18 and have gone through 6 jobs since then most of which lasting 3 months before i feel like someone hates me or i get into some kind of trouble. my last 2 jobs both lasted 9 months but i had to put my mental health in jepordy to continue going. my fiance thinks that I am not cut out for the workforce and shouldn't be employed currently. the issue is that I can't not work. I have to help provide for our family because he cannot do it himself. I would not qualify for disability but I also feel like working has made my disorder a lot worse than when I was home focusing on myself. I'm not really sure what to do in this situation and need some help.


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  • David1212


    Hi, I don't think you're not suitable for the job, but maybe you haven't found the job that suits you and will fit well with the condition you are suffering from. I'm sure you also want to go to work and not stay at home all day while your partner is away. Have you considered doing career counseling? Maybe there you can find new directions for work that you didn't think about. Alternatively, maybe find a job where you can work part-time or even from home, to lighten your load.

  • gella10


    If you are not already, I would look into therapy. For me, I have to change my mindset when I go into work. I just have to think that if someone doesn't like me, that's on them and not on me. I just focus on doing my job and communicating with my coworkers. I also make sure I always have something to drink to help me stay grounded during work. Maybe look into career counseling. Find your triggers and find someone to help you through it. You've got this!!

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