Recently I did an intake for a clinic that specializes in schizophrenia and schizoeffective. When asked about my history of mental health..... I realized I don't remember any of it. I've apparently (according to my mom who was there) had multiple manic and suicidal episodes. Ive been to a mental hospital, but things that my mom said that I said just didn't make sense. When the clinic pulled up my chart from the days I was there.... she was right. Is this normal? I just cannot remember any of my mental issues and episodes when I was not stable on pills.

(Note: my mother is a great mom. She is not making up anything. Do not even try to pinpoint it on her.)


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  • deathlost


    I'm assuming it is. I just got diagnosed with schizoaffective, and my memory has been so bad lately I can't even remember the last three years. Your mom is just looking out for you, and she's doing a great job.

  • Rainberries


    I don't remember a lot of my history that mhmr brings up. It's part of the disorder. (I have schizoaffective). It's ok to bring someone with you if you need someone to help you remember.

  • faerywyrm


    I am nearly famous for forgetting things, especially to do with my mental health. It's really a common symptom. My son goes with me to a lot of my appointments, so he can tell the drs all the stuff I don't remember. It sounds like your mom is super supportive, like my son is. It's great to have people we can count on.

  • lilkitten


    Yeah I feel like I have amnesia.

  • kitaboo


    I'm glad u have a supportive mom

  • JohnLocke


    I have memory problems as well. I need context like details to trigger my memory. Dates don't help

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