I feel so blocked on moving my life forward. The fear of failure to get into med school is so crippling, that I can’t even fathom taking the MCAT, let alone applying. My dream is to become a healer dedicated to those most in need of care, and to help transform our broken healthcare system. Some doctors told me that my chronic illnesses would never let me become one of them. I so badly wish to prove them wrong.

But I haven’t even managed to reestablish a routine, move back out of my parent’s house, stabilize my physical or mental health, nor organize any aspect of my life. I’m plagued by self-doubt so I distract myself with unhealthy coping mechanisms, then the cycle repeats. Despite working in healthcare, I’ve been stuck from moving forward for like 2 years now, and interestingly 1st got COVID a little over 2 years ago. despite working in healthcare. Anyone else feel like the pandemic regressed their adulting?

The goals and intentions are there, but I keep struggling to take action. It’s a hot mess living in this brain with ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, plus perfectionism. Idek what I’m trying to ask for, but none of the professionals have given me REAL tools to implement. Please share any encouragement and all techniques you find useful for prioritization, discipline, impulse control, focus, tidiness, habituation, reframing, radical acceptance etc. Whatever you think could help me get out of this damn rut 🥺🙏


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  • callmeangi


    Hello! I’m literally right there with you. Just became a nurse and feeling everything you said to a tee! I started today by doing small things in the house that I’ve been meaning to do . I’m trying to organize things in my house first and then build to my larger goals. A sense of accomplishment coming from a small task helps motivate me for a larger one! Day one but taking things one day at a time 💕 I need to get out of this rut too. Always remember you’re not alone , even when we feel like we are, there’s so much love and kindness that goes on behind the scenes. Sending lots of support and motivation ! I told myself today, I’ve reached my lowest point, now the only way to go is up. We got this. And when we fall, we’ll get back up again.

  • 100Percent_K


    The thing to remember is that you don’t have to be the fastest person that ever got an MD. You can sit back and focus on you and your well-being for a little while until you’re in a place where you can move forward with schooling. I told a year off after my bachelors to get myself feeling well again. Now I’m 6 classes away from an MS in Psychology, so it’s very possible. Slow down, focus on what your body is telling you, and work through that first. Just because you don’t do it tomorrow doesn’t make you a failure, it just means you’re working smarter not harder

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