So if you have read my last post and kept up- my gf dumped me because she was caught cheating. She left and I no longer qualify for a 2 bedroom house. My rent went from $81 to $232. I can't pay that on my tiny SSI check with all my other bills. (Thanks ex girlfriend!) None of my few and far in between friends can be a room mate for numerous reason.

So now me and my poor 6 month old chiweenie puppy were given 90 days with the landlord and HUD to move. Where you ask with our area being in a housing crisis!? I dunno. Good question. The landlord is only going to make me pay the $81 for rent during the next 3 months. How gracious.

I begged the landlord to lower the rent. No dice. But I just can't afford all utilities aka bills on my check with the rent increase . I'm scared I'm going to lose my only happiness now...my dog. I lost my husband to Interstitial lung disease, several friends, and now the place I just got. (Screw the girlfriend part.) I don't know if I can lose much more. I've lost almost all my worldly possessions.

My tiny bit of friends I have left said do a GoFundMe...pft. Tried that. It went nowhere. I have a Cash app with a card...but no one has donated. I seriously need help. I need money for a deposit & pet deposit. I can't lose my little Tohma! He was given my late husband's middle name. I just need help.

My therapy team helped me start filling out applications all over again. Now I have to repack up all my things. I have been doing nothing but being terrified I'll be homeless, lose my dog, and lose my reborn therapy dolls. I just need help...

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  • Tomato


    I read your post and I feel your pain. Do you have any friend or relative where you can stay in the meanwhile?

    • Elektra


      Unfortunately, no I don't. If you read my later posts you'll see I might of found a one bedroom apartment in my area who is HUD supported, will work with me on a payment plan for a deposit, and will take my dog.

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