i dont know how to talk to my mom my sis or my dad. i dont know how to understand them they dont know how to understand me. the way they behave is sometimes so panic inducing. we dont talk. we dont connect we dont laugh or stick together were just silent apart from eachother i dont like it. how long am i supposed to last. this feeling it sucks. and i definitely dont like being reminded of what i did in the past by my thoughts i hate it. i dont want to feel it.


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  • IAmTired247


    I know the feeling. I used to be close to my mom and then we just drifted from each other. It's a horrible feeling and it hurts to just try and explain and no one understanding or trying to understand. If you ever wanna just talk or rant/vent about anything, my dms are open. I may be just a random stranger to you and my words probably mean nothing but I'll always be there. I may be busy at times (college) but hey, if you need an ear I'll be the ear. Just know that I'm happy you are here on the app and I hope this app offers you what you need 🤗

    • rorose


      this is amazing 🙌🙌🙌

  • Jessie14


    Hang in there! ❤️

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