Tomorrow I start my new job however I have been overthinking things and what happens if I fail am I even good enough to work there. I am very nervous I don't wanna fail. any suggestions on how to stop the brain from going to worse case scenarios and that I will have a good day tomorrow

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • BrieMarie


    Overthinking is one of my biggest anxiety struggles. I try to occupy myself with more productive thoughts. I know everyone is different. Try listening to soothing music. Make a list of questions and expectations about your new job. Work on a hobby. Read a book

  • JoMo


    I do a lot of hobbies when my brain is struggling and running away from me. Try something as simple as coloring. It can divert your mind from thinking of the worst case scenarios, at least for a while. Exercise is also really helpful, gets those endorphins going!

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