does anyone else feel like for a split second they are having a panic attack and then it's just gone, I mean within seconds? I've had this happen doing random things, like I once had it when i was removing my hoodie, and other times just closing my eye to rub it, laying there, getting up quickly when I'm really tired.

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  • Ksmi


    Yes, I appreciate these because they don’t last.. still sucks though

  • Rosay


    Yes. Like u jump up quick n then it’s gone. All the time

  • MindPill


    Yes it feels like my heart starts to race and then it's over

  • Abcd1233


    Yes! It’s so much better than my super long lasting panic attacks, but it is still really annoying and can make you nervous about it happening again. It’ll be so random and for a split second I can feel my whole body go into panic mode and then its over almost as suddenly as it started.

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