So, at the start of April this year I had a SA that landed me in the psych ward of my local hospital for a week. During that stay the doctor spoke with me and completely rediagnosed me. I had been told for almost a decade that I had Schizoaffective Depressive Type. However, the doctor had me tell him everything about my past and rediagnosed me with a severe case of Complex PTSD. During my stay, they made me realize that I was being abused one way or another from the time that I was 4 up until my SA (I'm 21). I have been seeing a therapist, but I would really like to talk with people who can relate to me on a better level. It's been really hard making friends because of constantly being hyper vigilant about everything, and over analyzing everything people say to me.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • PoopityScoop


    ❤️ ❤️so glad that you decided to open up here! And glad that the doctor knew about cptsd I might not be able to relate to you 100% but I have cptsd too, so u can direct msg me if u wanna follow up!

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