Since 2018 I’ve been serious about getting help with my mental illness and currently have an amazing psychiatrist and therapist but at the same time, I feel like I’m not being treated for the right thing. I definitely have depression but I’ve been told I show signs of Bipolar 2 and BPD. A lot of symptoms seem to overlap and I don’t know how to figure out which it is or if it’s a combination or something else entirely. Any advice on narrowing down the diagnosis or what to do?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Officialishness


    Bipolar and borderline share lots of the same symptoms which unfortunately makes it hard to get a straight forward diagnosis. I was diagnosed at a very young age with BD2 and only recently diagnosed with BPD as well. My major sign of BPD was my relationships and fears of abandonment (followed by extreme behaviors). Meanwhile my major signs of BD2 was acute manic episodes and severe depression. I recommend taking psychiatric evals related to both BPD and BD in order to rule out anything. Also with BPD there is no real pharmaceutical treatment, which sucks but also makes treating BPD (if you’re diagnosed or suspect it) way easier. DBT is the main treatment for BPD and you can ask your therapist to incorporate DBT into your regular therapy. Hope that helps 😊

  • mrsking0322


    I have bipolar type 1 and Borderline personality disorder

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