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Share some tried and tested tips for how to handle the chronic illness topic during a job interview



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  • Tazzymax


    I would make sure you have FMLA paperwork in-line first. Then go from there.

  • Fernando


    From what I know it’s illegal to ask about your illnesses in a job interview. Still, I chose to speak about my conditions in my job interview, and he understood and chose to hire me. I know that I’m lucky and that in most cases it may be preferred to hide your conditions

  • Mila


    I wouldn't bring it up in the beginning, unfortunately it can very much influence the desicion of whether to hire you or not. But on the other hand hiding it isn't fair to your workplace and especially to yourself because you will need those days off sometimes. In my case I talked about my physical conditions and not my mental ones, and brought it up only at the end of the recruitment process.

    • Chesbro99


      I agree. That's what I do

  • Bre19


    Be open about it but when you are ready

  • sleepyhippo


    Honestly still figuring this out. So far I let ppl know that I'm autistic and as a result need a set schedule because I need routines, even before I get an interview like when I'm just talking to them about if they're hiring, what I'm looking for etc. That being said I have yet to get a job so it's highly possible this is not a good way to go about it 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Trudie_tootie


    I let them know about certain ones but not everything. If I need early accommodation like.. wearing noise canceling headphones. I make sure that works. And normally I'm open about having PTSD. Some how it feels less scary to open with that than anything else.

  • mynewfriend


    I'm on the fence about this one. In the past, I've waited until I got the job and then brought up the bipolar disorder and migraines. But my other conditions have caused considerably more problems since the last time I was job searching. I'm thinking that being more upfront about the chronic pain and other problems might help me find a position that's a better fit. OR just keepe from being hired. Not sure.

  • bimybed


    I only tell them if I need accommodations, and not until after I get the job. In the US you aren't required to tell them during the interview. I only tell them that I have a disability and what accommodations I need (usually just that I can't work mornings). I will not disclose more than is necessary, and I have never disclosed my diagnoses, only the relevant symptoms.

  • Weneli



  • DeepThinker99


    I don’t even bring it up in an interview. I secure the job first because I’ve been denied jobs after bringing it up before signing paperwork despite the interview going well before mentioning it. Discrimination may be illegal but it still definitely happens. I would say do the interview, don’t mention it, and file any accommodations AFTER getting the job.

  • TrixNY


    Why would this ever get brought up in an interview?

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