I'm dealing with a lot of sexual frustration, I've been married for two years and have not had sex with my wife. I'm lucky if I get a handjob or two a month at this point. My wife is dealing with her own past trauma that I didn't realize was going to be an issue until we got married. But she's completely prioritizing her own wants/needs to the complete exclusion of mine. At this point I'm depressed enough that I skip most of my college classes and am no longer doing well in school. I spend most of the day laying around without the motivation to do anything. The worst part is that she gets all upset and offended if I masturbate or watch porn. I feel like if she doesn't want to be a part of my sex life she should not get any say on what I do with my sexuality. Anyway that's a big rant but that's the basics of my situation.

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    It sounds like your wife has an unresolved issue with herself. Is she getting any treatment? Seeing a therapist? You need to show her your support and encourage her to go and get the help she needs. You have your own needs, so she must understand that she is not alone in this relationship.

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