anyone else get embarrassed about passing out and having seizures in public?!?! it's literally the worst and when I feel like it's about to happen I get such bad anxiety which makes it worse and I WOULD run out of the area to somewhere private but I'd probably end up collapsing right then and there so I hold it in I guess for as long as possible while like hunched over walking to the nearest private area- anyone else have this issue? tips..???

Recurrent Syncope

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  • jellypeanut


    Hi karson! Yes all the time. I remember a specific instant in high school when I was cheerleading on the football field. The weather was hot & I was dehydrated which triggers my seizures. I had fainted & seized on the field.. all the spectators rushed over & were there when I came to. I was utterly embarrassed. This has happened several times since. I always try to make it to a secluded place (yet still one where I can get help) but this minimizes the chance of a large amount of people seeing me. Maybe this isn’t the best thing but it puts my mind at ease!

    • karson


      ah thank you!! I think this will make things a lot less stressful for me

  • WWJD


    I get so embarrassed. People say its okay they want to help but coming to surrounded by people staring at me is not fun. You are not alone.

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