I dont want immortality on earth. I just want an immortal soul. I want to know that theres somewhere my loved ones and I will go to live the rest of eternity in. I'm tired of these constant panic attacks at night when the concept of death creeps into my mind.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • obr3k


    Make peace with it, why are you so afraid of death

  • Lunarr


    I'm sorry you have panic attack levels of anxiety relating to death, it's a hard thing to wrestle with. I think the concept of an eternal resting place is both ubiquitous and sweet, religious or spiritual. We as humans are social creatures and these ideas give us peace so I don't think it's wrong to indulge in those thoughts and even research it if you want. Personally I find the idea of an afterlife centered around reincarnation fascinating. There are instances of ghosts and the spirits of dead relatives interacting with the living (something both my mother and I have experienced) which also may indicate another plane of existence adjacent to ours. Even if you don't believe in it it's certainly interesting and may even be comforting I think it's completely normal to be frightened and uneasy about death, your own and others, but I do hope you find a way to lessen the anxiety to a more manageable level. Sending good vibes ✨

  • Mik16


    I used to feel this way, but I tuned into a gift that I thought I was making up (many people confirmed what I was sensing). I can sense spirits and now can communicate to them. I have now completely changed my view on death. Your soul lives on and your family and friends are there for you. You can ask them for guidance or just have a conversation with someone you miss dearly. Just know you aren’t alone in this world 💜

  • Bex854


    I have severe anxiety surrounding death as well. Mine comes from leaving my child alone in this world 😥 but I'm always here to listen and chat

  • Mirko


    I think death is what makes life beautiful, precious, and gives it meaning because we are not guaranteed a tomorrow but a today. But I understand how you feel but I think there is a place after death where we are free.

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