I have to leave my cat who is being put down next week.I can't do it I need him.


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  • depressedunicorn


    I'm so sorry losing pets is one of the hardest things

  • BaileyFawn


    Your kitty will be fine... and you must be strong for your cat... are you able to leave it with their favorite blanket or toy? To ease comfort... I'm sorry you have to go through this... but remember this... Death is a part of life... we live our lives and then pass... it's nature... I love you, friending...

  • Sunflower128


    I am sorry your cat is being put down .Cheer up things will get better each day .My cat died 6 months ago ,I had her for 18 years my bella.

  • senoratortuga


    My sweet kitty was put down because she had cancer, but we had to do it. She was only 4 lbs, and didn't want to eat anything. This is the best thing for him, and he will always love you like you him. Sending hugs your way, dear.

  • clumsysprout


    I’m sorry to hear about your loss , losing a pet is such a heartbreak that can’t be compared to anything else.. if it’s any reassurance i bet you gave your kitty the best life possible <3 they might not be there for your whole life, but you were there of all of theirs! all they know is you and your family :) be proud of yourself for taking on such a responsibility of caring but also loving a cat <3 they will miss you greatly and just as much as you miss them, but i bet their life was the best



    i’m so sorry and this is going to be hard, i’m not gonna lie to you, but everything passes and you’ll be fine any time soon 💕

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