hate that right now i dont have anyone to talk to. hate that i ruined my childhood home buy having pets and in the end they scratch up and piss all over the carpet and ruin the tranquility of the house i hate it. i hate that i wanted a pet so bad when want i really wanted was a connection and i wasnt getting it from the people in this house so i destroyed my home for pets i wasnt ready to have. was it all worth it in the end??? was it??? was it worth it to waste my life in school and not build something concrete in my life something passionate something to live for? just for me to be sitting at home twiddling my thumbs because if im not focused on something the bad thoughts come? and i dont even have friends i can vent to so whats the point of all this??


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  • wvgirlkc


    Feel free message me

  • anotherlostsoul


    Feel free to message me as well. I understand feeling alone with no friends

  • Sarahjean


    You can also message me, it’s never too late!

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