recently had to have bypass surgery done on my foot because I lost all circulation they said if I hadn't went to the hospital when I did I would have lost my entire foot this was due to smoking and not taking care of my diabetes. I'm 2 weeks post surgery my foot is still numb tingly burning and sharp shooting pains wondering if anyone has had this experience and how long it took for these pains to go away? not too sure how much more I can take any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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  • Mark


    Hi, what you describe makes a lot of sense. The pain takes time to fade and it also takes time for the feeling to return to what it was before. It took me several weeks to feel better. I recommend that you try to go for physical therapy after the surgery, balance your diabetes and stop smoking, all of these will help to recover faster from the surgery and improve your feeling. Did you go to the doctor for a check-up after surgery and tell him the things you feel? He may also have other solutions.

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