no one hung out with me then. why didnt i change sooner. whats with me. and now im realizing the dysfunction of the family. but for some reason i chose to go out than stay at home and watch reality tv. is that a good sign. even though im not having a good time being out with them is it good now my dad is teaching me about the importance of eating and that ill get tired if i dont. i know that. and tbh i had bad eating disorder habits back then. i didnt realize in the past that they were still hanging out just without me which really hurt to find out. the people i liked didnt like me


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  • David1212


    Hey, first of all, don't give up. I'm sure you will find the friends and people who suit you and who'll want to spend time with you because of what you are and who you are. I suggest going to support groups for people who also suffer from depression so you can hear a little about what's going on with others. It helped me a lot and I even made friends there who accompany me to this day. I feel that only those who've been in your situation can best understand you and what you are going through. Have you tried accessing such groups?

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