Does anyone else get intense anxiety from quitting something even if you hated it? I’m leaving an opportunity that I thought would be a positive change that ended up making me frustrated, sad and more anxious. I keep making myself sad thinking about how I wasn’t good enough or didn’t stick it out but then again, why should I if I’m not enjoying myself at all?

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  • Cece7


    My thought on this is that this is your life and you are responsible to make choices that make you happy. It’s not about what others may think or how they may see you now that you’re leaving. I say you’re succeeding as you were able to know yourself and what you want so well that you could identify that this wasn’t enough for you. I think it is a great thing and I know you’ll think twice about it but you shouldn’t because you’re doing what is best for you and that is worth the anxiety of this moment. I’m sure better things are yet to come for you!

    • YaKnowTryingMyBest


      genuinely helpful, thank you!

  • SheGathersRain


    I feel ‘ya. Not sure if this is exactly your experience, but I know I tend to be a people-please and I feel terrible when I feel as though I’m letting someone down even if I’m miserable. I try to remind myself that it’s a temporary feeling (for both me and the other person/people) which helps a bit. I don’t think it’s fair to you or others to keep trying to push through—you of course are going to suffer and so could they because you might be too burnt out to be giving the task your best. You’ve gotta take care of yourself! You can’t keep going on an empty tank

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