I think I might have schizophrenia

I've had episodes of feeling like I'm extremely paranoid and have this idea that I've been sent by the angels for a purpose. etc. I won't go into too much detail but I've noticed these things are coming at me like a slow burn?
there will be days I'm completely fine, days I'm incredibly depressed for.. no reason? I don't SEE things but I've said I'll see invisible things. and quite frankly don't remember any of these episodes (but I do have did so it could be those memory issues)

which is not exactly how I've heard it go.
schizophrenia does run in my family pretty strongly along with bipolar disorder.

I know its not my did because I have more symptoms than just hallucinations. and it affects all of us. not just one alter.

is this how it happens sometimes? can it come in like a slow burn and just get worse
can I have schizophrenia if I'm aware sometimes?
I'm so lost and I can't afford a therapist right now.


Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)


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