I am planning on starting a partial hospitalization program for my depression but I am worried that if I tell them I started cutting myself they will make me stay there full time which is something that I do not want. Has anyone been forcefully hospitalized because they are cutting themselves?


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  • strawberrypoundcake


    I don’t think you would be since you are already choosing to take steps to heal but I’ve been forcefully hospitalized before so I get your concerns I hope it works out easy

  • chronicchemist


    Nope. I did an IOP and almost everyone was cutting in some regard. Be honest with how much you are engaging in it though with the group.

  • marrubizko


    All providers are different, but I can tell you I’ve hurt myself pretty badly without being hospitalized against my will. Last week I gave myself a third degree burn and was terrified I’d be hospitalized if I sought medical treatment, but when I finally did, no one even mentioned hospitalization once.

  • _Robbie_


    I was hospitalized for self harm and suicidal thoughts recently, I was only there for 5 days. It just depends on how much you're getting better and staying safe I think.

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