Is it possible one day to not have triggers or flashbacks of your (abuser/assailant) ?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • welpe


    I can't say for sure but It definitely makes sense that with a bunch of healing to be able to free oneself of flashbacks as they mainly occur because the emotional loop/ending wasn't able to be processed so with healing and ability to process and close the gap, that will help lessen/alleviate flashbacks. As for triggers it's possible for them to not interfere as much in life. We can work to desensitize and reprogram our mind around them (to the best of my understanding) I'm not sure if it totally leaves or more we learn skills to deal with and also less impact due to sensitization. What should be kept in mind is I am thinking about a dynamic ideal future, and static past... this would suggest no new trauma occurs. The truth is the trauma response, the more it is activated, the more it's likely to be used against in stress, so in theory it's possible, it might be easier said than done.

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