Once again I'm very sick 3 infections in this month alone. Still undiagnosed...not related to my diabetes or hypothyroidism either. I'm frustrated I'm tired of being sick. on top of those infections I was hospitalized July 4 to 6th because I was sepsis with an infection then too. I am no longer fighting them with antibiotics that are oral now. All I wanna know is why...just why what's wrong with me. I'm having a really bad day. I'm just frustrated.

Urinary Tract infection

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  • ChickenNugget


    Hi there! I am so very sorry about the health issues you are experiencing. While I thankfully don’t have as many, I unfortunately also have an active infection once again. This makes it about my third also within the past month and a half. It is very frustrating and I absolutely understand your anger. While I cannot offer you much else, I hope you feel better soon! 🙌

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