ok so I had been flat on my back for about 6 weeks. The pain got sp bad it actually made me scream out loud. I felt like a big baby. I finally got in to see a neurosurgeon after a late night ER visit. And when we took a look at my back and hips I wad floored. In one of my hip joint there's no socket left (which I can't feel), one of my vertebrae is just gone (again, I can't feel), and several bulging and ruptured disks (yep, that I can't feel). And what I could feel was a bone spur in my SI joint and narrowing nerve openings. They put me on Cymbalta and OMG it works so well. As for all the damage I have to wait 6 months before medicaid will pay for it. I guess at least I know now I am pretty tough about pain just not nerve pain.

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