Hello! For a very long time I have been obsessed with getting a smaller waist and always wanted to get surgery on my face because I think it’s incredibly asymmetrical, who else can relate? 😅😅

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • mtngoat


    Can relate! I always feel like my stomach is too big and I'm obsessed with having a flat or concave stomach. I've been sucking in since I was a child.

  • Jshor18


    Ik how u feel, it sucks but you gotta keep looking forward

  • Rbees


    Same! I STILL want to get symmetry surgery

  • Spinnerette


    I used to look at before and after surgery pics for hours when I was younger. I still wish I could get surgery to feel better but I know from reading treatment manuals that it usually doesn't help BDD and can make it worse. It's not the quick fix it appears to be. Even if the feature you hate is fixed you just end up focusing on and hating a different feature or another aspect of the original feature bc the issue is mental not physical. It's so tempting though.

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