not getting enough good quality sleep.
not wanting to get up when I do wake up. usually turn over and go back to sleep.


Magnesium Sulfate

Persistent Insomnia

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  • Ged


    I average 2 to 3 hours days or nights …

  • AsianSunshine


    I've bin scared to continue psych meds n it helps with sleep but I'm fearful of long term affects..had a friend on meds n it has damaged body over I stopped pills n having little sleep. Trying reishi mushrooms..calming 1st nite then didn't feel much 2nd nite...trying inositol n choline..not sure yet.. melatonin 10mg with 2T hemp seeds has stopped my thoughts..brain seems relaxed..think I got 3 hrs..but I still feel brains tired...tried herbal sleep meds..just relaxes me...did a YouTube video on sleep talkdown..a visualization n affirmation..that helped stop my thoughts after awhile. ..helpful ..take magnesium 500 mg..destressed me..have tried Scullcap..but just relaxes me, brain awake..

    • Ged


      thank you , been doing some hemp seed , average 5 mg of melatonin a day , my work schedule doesn’t help at all , thanks for your information, keep in touch and share anything you have !

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