Just joined to see if anyones in the same situation :P

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    Most of us. Welcome! I don't want to "speak" for others but ,like myself, I feel pain, fatigue, depression and now pain in the middle of my back , on top of flu like aching, all of time without meds. These meds don't help my back. A lot of us can't get a diagnosis or ate misdiagnosed. For me & others, it's usually "fibromyalgia", yet our pain is different & our fatigue is way worse than fibro pts. We are here b/c we have been to MDs for years. For me, none if the fibromyalgia meds did a thing to help my symptoms. Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis & & Lyme Disease neg. Lyme Disease is extremely debilitating but the lab test is complex and there can be false negatives. So does, don't know/care b/c they are only trained to interpret lab tests. We generally are given meds to treat symptoms that only eventually drain our energy more. There are different issues within this common group( there are others ere who have diagnoses too, but they arent exactly the same but may suffer, the same way, which we can all relate to) of undiagnosed ppl with chronic, severe fatigue, body pain, low mood & anxiety) but tests don't show anything definitive. I am angry at times, hopeless at other times and some days are OK. So, yes. You are in the right place. There is no judgemental here, as a lot of us have been blamed, shamedand even abandoned b/c ppl move on or don't believe us. Feel free to share whatever gets you through.💟

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