I need everyone's assistance immediately 😁

So basically um. Friend group of three. Friend 1 does something hurtful, doesn't matter what. Friend 2 resents friend 1, but decides not to tell them how they (friend 2) feel because they're drifting apart anyways and it's not that big a deal to them. So. I feel bad in the group, because friend 1 thinks everything is fine when it isn't fine and friend 2 isn't communicating what's true. The way friend 1 acts like they're ok with friend 2 feels wrong in my opinion, and although I understand the way friend 1 feels, it makes me kinda angry at them.
It isn't my problem, it's theirs. I don't know why it affects me the way it does. I KNOW their feelings are valid, I KNOW my feelings are valid. I'm just really not sure what to do now. What to do with this anger. Should I just let it pass over? /gen


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  • Distressedcat3000


    Friends grow apart. Trying to mend things between them could backfire on you significantly

  • yowosaur


    Honestly I think the best thing would be to just sit back and focus on taking care of yourself and your emotions here. You can be there for your friends but this might be something that just needs to be waited out for them to resolve

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