I'd love to hear about natural remedies for Graves other than. gluten free diet, which didn't help me. I used Moducare and then Phytosterols which helped for only awhile. I'm thinking that there are other similar thing that might work better. Thanks!!

Graves' Disease


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  • Sweetheart90


    Probiotic vitamins do help as well as adding zinc into your diet

  • Aliciarising


    There are several different herbs that have effects on the thyroid go to your local whole foods store and they should be able to help you! Sorry I am having a thyroid fog moment and I can't remember what herb it is but I know that 1 started with a "B" . There's teas. Also I take vitamins for thyroid support that is mostly a "B" vitamins in it and I get it on Amazon and it is made by nature's bounty.

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