this person who i really trusted was in my life for about thirteen months ; eleven of which, i felt like i was nothing to them. they are an incredibly manipulative narcissist and they called ME that. they told me the things i said to them “brought up their ptsd”… even though all i did was call them out. i was mad, sure. i wasnt calm. that might be my fault. but to put that weight on me and tell me i brought you ptsd, when YOURE the one who should have acted differently? they posted about me and said they had to sneak around and talk to this one person we BOTH didnt like on discord. they said i tried to manipulate them into believing that our friend was a bad person. but they are the one who told me that first. i isolated myself big time for them and in turn, all they could do was call me obsessive. you have to understand that being autistic, having borderline and losing a favorite person is a million times more heart stabbing than being a normal, neurotypical person free of any mental disorders and losing a companion, or a significant other. they once blamed their actions on “bipolar tendencies” but then when i called them out on that, they tried to make me believe that they never did it.
i appreciate you if youve read through this, i really do. i took this to alike because i dont have a lot of people in my life, and all i need is for someone to tell me that theyre proud of me. that i did the right thing for cutting this person off.

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  • Beeble


    I'm proud of you :)

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