I think my siblings are resentful and hate me because of everything that I have put my family through. My depression, anorexia, SA, SH. I understand why they would feel that way but I just feel like it’s not fair for them to be angry towards me when I’m the one who had to firsthand experience those things

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  • Alexanderinc


    I’ve felt the same way (bipolar, bulimia, and a shitstorm of living) but I think a lot of the time the feelings of resentment have more to do with the level of fear they may feel for your life. I don’t know your situation and family but sometimes anger’s actual source is from frustration that they can’t fix the problems for you and not understanding why. I hope you can talk with them and work it out 💛

  • Revontulet


    It is fair for them to have feelings of anger or resentment but it isn't fair for them to take it out on you. Just as your experiences have hurt you what they have experienced could hurt them and that's equally valid. That doesn't make it your fault but they can have feelings about their own experiences without invalidating yours.

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