every time i go to the dr i end up relapsing w my ed. without fail, i lose my appetite completely and start hearing those evil little whispers that make me feel guilty. she constantly tries to blame my weight for chronic pain problems that are very obviously caused by something else. if anything, theyre effected by the lack of eating.
i’m so tired of my health being blamed on my weight, when the two are barely related. my hips dont leave the socket because i’m fat, they leave because there something wrong with my b o n e s. my knees dont hurt bc of my weight, they hurt bc of untreated injuries as well as having a limp for 10 years. as soon as i get comfortable in my skin again, i go to the dr and i’m back to square one.

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    Yikes you should look for a new doctor, you can Google size friendly doctors in your area. It can be a danger to have a doctor who wont dig any deeper into your medical issues because of your weight and weight biases can even mean that the doctor does not actually know how to properly treat heavier patients and that leaves room for complication. You can also usually request that the nurses don't read your weight to you if that's an issue. I switched doctors and chiropractors when I became an adult solely because I moved to a trans friendly clinic for transition, but my doctor was size friendly and despite my testing not coming back with any results so far none of my doctors ever really blamed anything on my weight or chest size and I managed to get a lot farther in pain management and diagnoses for what they could give me. And my chiropractor, who is a larger woman, LAUGHED at the fact that my former chiro and drs kept saying it was my weight or my chest and then immediately adjusted my spine better than anyone else had managed AND discovered that my brain stem had been out of line for years.

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