I have MS and am currently in a relationship that is not going so well. He's kinda controlling when it comes to what he thinks I should do or the things he should tell me. I keep trying to tell him that I don't want to be put in a bubble but it doesn't seem to make a difference. He just keeps telling me that he keeps things from me cuz he doesn't wanna stress me out but I can't make him understand that lying to me stresses me out and makes me feel incredibly disrespected. I don't know what to do and I'm at the end of my rope.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • Beans617


    That amount of stress from your day to day is not good as I'm sure you know. I left my husband about a year ago because of some similar things. Not supportive, I wasn't allowed to do lots of things or wear or think or speak what I wanted. I say that to say this, I am incredibly happy to be away from him! Obviously, if you can work it out and you really want to still be with him that would be great. But if he can't see where your coming from at all he likely won't, in my opinion, unfortunately. I know its tough to be on your own but happiness/your mental health is way more important! If you want or need to talk feel free to reach out! If not, no biggie 😊 I hope everything works out in your best interest, whatever happens.

  • Sandoll


    Get out Life’s too short

  • MSowleyes


    Honey, I know it hurts and fear of being alone sucks. But that fight is not worth it. My marriage ended because I was undiagnosed and "lazy, unless, worthless". Recent 8yr long relationship ended because he fears "becoming my nurse." Gone from wheelchair to walking up to 3mi a day multiple times a week. Still disabled but I'm doing it on my own. New friends all accept my MS or they are not friends. The 8 yr guy was even embarrassed to see me use a knee brace and cane :(

  • Holo26


    I broke up with my ex 6months ago because he didn't want to deal with me being sick and I could just feel him being distant

  • Sandoll


    Someone can only suck the joy out of you if you give them the straw

  • MsJen


    You know the answer Tell him to hit the bricks

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