My mom at dinner said that I have the highest cholesterol in our family. AND I AM THE THINNEST PERSON IN THE HOUSE. Even than the dog. I am the only living being in my house not overweight and my mom called me fat. I stopped my night time snacks, I don't eat much, and I only eat breakfast without being told.

Anorexia Nervosa

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  • mtngoat


    Having high cholesterol doesn't mean you're not thin. It doesn't sound like she called you fat, but I'm sorry that's how you interpreted it. Lack of tact on her part. I would encourage you to keep going with your intake and not let a comment send you down the rabbit hole. You got this.

  • trapdaddyceo


    please eat she’s probably saying it from a place of insecurity your body is perfect and you don’t need to do this /:

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