I wondef if this happens to anyone else who uses a mobility aid/can't move as fast as others, have you ever been friends with anyone who are more able boddied than you, they move faster places and so you're stuck playing catch up? I experience this all of the time and it feels very embarrassing and it feels like I slow people down and in turn I feel very insecure and alone. I know it most likely isn't on perpose but it feels very isolating and that they'd have a better time without me, especially if its being made a joke out of after you tell them.

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  • Niktheking


    Don't think like that, I'm sure it doesn't bother anyone but you. I'm also sure that once you tell the people you're with to slow down a bit they'll do it so you don't feel like you're chasing them. I really understand the feeling and I also suffered from it in the past but every time I felt that I was left behind I talked to the people and everyone really understood it. Have you tried talking to them?

    • Viynyl


      I have but infact they make a joke out of it instead of acctually trying to slow down a bit

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