So almost 2 months ago I had a miscarriage. then got some test results back saying I have an atrophic ovary (my ovary has shrunk in size by a crazy amount) and the other is enlarged. I also had a large cyst on one of my ovaries. I never got a call about it from the doctor to explain anything, and I didn't feel comfortable reaching out because he made me uncomfortable during our visit. I'm not sure if I should look deeper into it, and visit a different doctor. I feel like I'll never have kids because of it.

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  • Sophialo123


    Hi, there are many methods to have children today even in your situation. The important thing is to understand whether there are follicles in the ovary that are functioning or not. For this, you need to perform blood tests and continue the investigation. If you feel that the doctor you went to did not make you feel comfortable, I suggest going to another doctor. Maybe before you go you should hear recommendations or opinions from women who have been with him before you and that way you can decide if you should go to him or not.

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