Why traditional western therapy does NOT work for most people, what we’re doing wrong and how to fix the mental health system.
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i’m going to start this whole sort of rant i’m going to go on with my story with the system.
for background my journey with the system started around when i was 14 (i’m 18 now) i’ve always had issues with my parents which probably dates back to when i was very young and we moved out of my home country to the US after they decided to get divorced. this issue is kind of the foundation of most of the stuff i deal with. but aside from that it was in the end of freshman year and my parents had just been arguing and the typical shit which for some reason they decided to take out on me with insane standards of what i should be like to them. this made me very suicidal which eventually landed me in a psych ward. i basically lied my way out of the entire experience just because it terrified the shit out of me hearing kids screaming and banging on the walls and the nurses yelling back at them and even getting physical with them sometimes. most of the people that worked there didn’t do much but make sure we weren’t going batshit crazy. what really scared me the most though was this 17 year old kid was in there with me he had mid functioning autism which most of the time they just labeled him as non compliant because of this. once he was arguing about wanting something in his room with one of the nurses who then threatened him saying he wouldn’t get to go home when he was supposed to.
eventually i got discharged and got to go home again. this was definitely not the end though. this definitely not the end though because 2 years later i was sent to the same psych ward for the same reasons although this time i just didn’t BS them the entire time and i was honest which got me put in a seclusion unit tackled by an anti-riot team and pumped full of what was probably horse tranquilizers. after i got discharged i was sent to a “residential” which was basically a “treatment” house which is supposed to treat kids as a group in an environment
away from home. the one they sent me to was extremely unprofessional and was more like the camp from the movie holes with extremely rude and militaristic staff there. basically it was the Stanford prison experiment on crack to put it lightly.

although most of this was a pretty bad experience it made me realize how much better we could be doing and the solution is extremely simple.

the way we are trying to treat mental health is backwards. we view somebody who has a mental health problem as “there is something wrong with them”. however when we see somebody with a physical illness we think “they must have something pretty bad”.
there is a huge difference between these and we should treat all illness as that. an illness. with mental illness the way our system treats it as if it’s the person themselves which is at the root of the issue which yes somebodies habits and tendencies can lead to these issues but it still isn’t the issue itself. we need to stop placing the blame directly on somebody suffering with these conditions but place it on the condition itself. doing this and structuring our understanding of mental illness around this will completely change how effective our treatment of these illnesses will be. instead of locking people up in 6 square foot cells let them be free and experience what life is really like and the beauty that it can hold and how to deal with the dark side of it as well.

that’s all props if u made it this far

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  • 4byfour


    Thank you for sharing your side of things! ❤️

  • ina


    are there any eastern techniques you've tried

    • m__


      i’ve tried certain breathing techniques used by bhuddist in parts of asia which is pretty effective just haven’t utilized it as much as i probably should

  • Hannah_6


    I found it difficult to focus during the sessions. The practice of just talking to someone can be difficult to follow on a bad day for me. I just use trial and error to see what works for my anxiety and mood problems.

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