Some how, this app that is designed to make one feel less alone with health and mental health issues, has made me feel more isolated. What the cheese? 😅

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Bipolar Disorder


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  • Chesbro99


    How has it made you worse?

  • DreamlandSystem


    I’ll be your friend

  • PurplePenguinsPolka


    I'm here for friends

  • RoxieRedfox


    If you wanna chat feel free to message me!

  • kittyrose


    I just made my account, I'm looking for friends :)

  • JoeyBoat


    Same. It’s a very weird feeling. I’m thinking about deleting the app, because it makes me feel helpless.. I don’t have time to participate in any meaningful way… and I don’t have any great advice to give.. I’ve got ADHD, autism, and religious trauma…. It’s 1:30pm right now, and I’ve taken maybe 4 naps, and still haven’t managed to make myself breakfast… 😳🥵 I really resonate with that isolated feeling. (Or maybe that everyone on here is lacking support, and looking for it.. and it makes it difficult to give when you need your own support.)

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