My mental hack for dealing with depression that prevents me from doing mundane day to day things. I pretend that I'm in the early 1900s, late 1800s. So odd, but when I picture myself back in those times, I'm able to do dishes, to shower, to clean, etc. They had it harder in some ways but things were more simple back then.


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  • YanyLaurel


    I like that idea! I have sort of done that in the past but more loosely. Just thinking like "they had to do all this and more"

    • KatherineSage


      I love thinking about it because it makes it seem not as hard to do now. I'm fascinated with how things were back then. They had to make their own soap, took baths every Saturday, rode horses and in carriages, etc. It makes it kind of fun in a way to do the everyday mundane things if I picture I'm from that time and not now.

  • SA65


    This is so interesting. I’m going to give it a try cuz I’m struggling right now

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