has anyone else's memory went to complete CRAP?! my memory is absolutely TERRIBLE. I was told it's from anxiety and depression... but it freaks me out I'll forget what I'm talking about mid sentence or walk into a room a forget what I talked in there for !!!! also has anyone developed stomach issues beacuse of mental health ?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Brain Fog

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  • Girlie9801


    My short term memory is "ok", but show me a picture from when I was younger and I'm at a complete loss. I hate it.

    • beautifulDisasterxo


      my short term memory is TERRIBLE and same mention a time I was little and I don't remember anything.

      • Girlie9801


        I hate it. 😥 I want so badly to be able to remember things and people who are no longer here and it's like I just can't do it! I feel almost like the more I try to remember, the more that I start to forget everything else. Definitely sucks.

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