Does anyone here have medullary thyroid cancer? I was diagnosed in 2019 when I was 18 and honestly have struggled dealing with it ever since. I feel like it’s pretty uncommon compared to other thyroid cancers. I my curious to see about anyone else’s experience. I was stage 3 I believe and my calcitonin levels were in the 5000s when I was first diagnosed. After surgery they were in the 20s, however now about 2 years later they’re in the 50s and it’s starting to worry me. I feel like I can’t get straight answers from doctors (I know they’re overworked but I feel pretty disregarded). If anyone has MTC I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

Combinations Of Levothyroxine & Liothyronine

Malignant Neoplasm of Thyroid Gland & Thyroglossal Duct

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