How do you manage pain? I have full body pain. Neuropathy, digestive issues and now calcifying ligaments. I’m trying to reach a balance where I can think the clearest.

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

Generalized pain

Inflammatory & Toxic Neuropathy


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  • CarlaG


    I've tried painkillers, but it's never enough.. what helped me a lot is some light exercise in the sun :-)

  • Humbus44


    My neuropathy was absolutely awful!! Light exercise and my medical card helped a lot. My medical card seemed to calm down the pain for much longer than it was ever in my system for me personally, so I absolutely recommend giving a few strains a try.

  • Jaidenf01


    My doctors prescribed me Oxycodone and that helped but made my head feel weird, I also smoked weed sometimes when it was really bad:)

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