how does one go about making friends?

genuine question. I have always had someone just look at me and say "we are now pals" and become good friends after. I've never when out of my way to start friendships. it's always been extremely hard for me to do so, being awkward autistic and disabled.

I went out of my way to join a community theater group. now I just have to do the hard part of making friends. what do I do? at what point do we exchange phone numbers? do I give out friendship cookies and ask for friendship? please help!


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  • Beeble


    I honestly just talk to people and say "hey wanna be friends!" if they're neurodivergent and queer they usually just say yes and then whoever is good for me sticks around and the rest just kind of fade to the background. I am also an ambivert, so some days I'm able to just, approach people without too much fear. I'd say my best tip is that if people react negatively they're probably not for you anyways.

  • ChillaxinEskimo


    Since you're in a theater group, depending on what you're doing at the time, you can try talking about a similar interest, i.e. theater. If the opportunity is present, like someone isn't preoccupied or you're both working on the same thing, try asking why they got interested in theater to start with. Light, casual conversation is what's worked to help me develop friends. Getting to know someone's interests and what makes them similar to you can create a lot of meaningful conversations. It takes practice, so don't be too hard on yourself if you can't find the opportunity or words to talk to someone. Just be reasonable with yourself

  • Swerve


    I have a simple method for making friends. I just start talking trash, and see if they go with it or not. Some people get offended, but I just apologize and stop trying to be friends with them.

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