Ever have a night or could be day when you are very lonely, try using your coping skills and reach out to others via texting or messaging. Totaling 10-15 people you contact but no one is really available to chat. But not wanting to use a suicide warm line because it isn’t a life or death situation. That was my night. I sent out the messages via text or Facebook messenger. I don’t message every one I know. But a few. I have posted if you ever need someone they would be there. But in reality they have lives. I don’t want to wear a silly hat sayin HELP me. I am scared or afraid and lonely

Good night. Check by in the morning

Migraine without aura, intractable

Bipolar Disorder

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • proudcloud


    Try texting 741741. It's a crisis helpline that even deals with loneliness. I have used it multiple times and have found it helpful!

    • Teardrops


      sometimes I just want a live voice to talk to.

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